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#21857 - One day while Steve is out gathering fruits and vegetables he notices two Men on the beach, curious he moves closer, he gets close enough to see them but stays well hidden and that's when he realizes that the two Men are his Uncle Thomas and cousin Kevin. As soon as Steve and Helen leave the cave Steve sticks his finger in his Sisters pussy and says I'm going to fuck the shit out you all day today Helen smiles and says I know, I was going crazy not having your cock in my holes . He slowly enters the cave and grabs the long thick stick and hand sized rock, Kevin is raping his Aunt so hard, grunting and moaning while Thomas is telling his Son to fuck the whore, they both don't see Steve getting closer and closer and with one hard swing Steve splits his Cousins head wide open with the hand sized rock killing him instantly, Thomas screams KEVIN and Steve pins his uncle to the ground, pushing the stick against his uncles throat.

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