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#224342 - He sits down on the couch beside he and she opens her eyes. “Well then Stephy you need to get out of these clothes and grab a nice warm bath, the power is out but there are enough candles in the house to light it up nicely and you need to get into some dry clothes. “What are you doing?” she asks “You have got to be fucking crazy to think that I’m going to leave you here for the rest of the night in the rain, or even worse in that freezing car, your soaked, your stressed, your crazy to be out here this late and you probably have a minor concussion from that smooth move on the back of your head, now honestly you can either get our pretty little butt off the curb and into my car or I can pick it up for you!” “I’m not coming with you I just met you and I don’t even know your name…” “First of all my name is Kris and newsflash princess, if I was going to try and touch you or hurt you don’t you think I would have already done it? So get yourself into the car before you end up a concussion a

Read Booty Natsu to Koi to Futarigurashi Cdzinha Natsu to Koi to Futarigurashi

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