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#178589 - Laura had to bite her lip to stop a loud moan from escaping her mouth as the vibrating started against her clit and pussy; it was just like the night before, shocks of pleasure shooting through her pussy, the vibrating plastic sending her clit into overdrive, she could feel her juice flowing uncontrollably from her pussy as another vibration started and her knee’s went weak, a little moan escaped her lips as she felt her orgasm beginning, she looked around quickly and was some women nearby looking in her direction, she tried to stay as normal as possible but it was so hard as a massive orgasm shot through her body, the vibrating not stopping, it just made her orgasm more intense as she moaned a little loudly and her legs began to shake. “I knew you’d love it” Tally said with a grin as her excited friend told her all about how it felt. Turning it on she checked its battery was full before she turned it onto silent vibrate mode and felt it shake in her hand, it was a nice feeling ha

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