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#48357 - After being handed their bottles the guys started to walk back towards the field. So I released his cock from my mouth, turned round on my knees to find I was at the right height to push my cock straight into Sharon’s pussy as she was lying on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge with Tina kneeling over her facing her pussy, , I shuffled forward 2 or 3 inches and pushed my cock straight into Sharon’s pussy, Tina was holding Sharon’s lips apart with her fingers as I slid in and out of Sharon’s pussy with my cock after about a dozen or so strokes I slipped out but instead of sliding straight back in Tina grabbed it and took it to her mouth and began sucking all of Sharon’s juices off. Once dressed Tina gave both myself and Phil a big kiss and turned towards Sharon and said that was fun will after do it again soon, as we were shown out by Phil, Sharon said with a broad smile, it was a pity mike and martin couldn’t behave themselves, perhaps next time.

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