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#53741 - This time Gary was the first to shoot his thick creamy cum and I followed next shooting all over my chest and even getting some on my chin. Like most people we drifted apart when collage and work came between us but a few months back I bumped into him at a mutual friend’s wedding, so we arranged to meet up the following weekend for a few beer’s . We started to watch a film and this one was about a transsexual getting used by two guys and I realised this was going to be my fate, soon Gary who was sat next to me on the sofa said he was going to cum and turned towards me and shot his thick cum all over my stockings it was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me and had me shooting my own load over myself, then Phil and Tommy gathered around me and started to cum and shot ribbon after ribbon of thick juicy spunk all over my stockings, panties, chest and even my face, this continued for a few weeks the lads would buy me different types of women’s clothes and I would model th

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