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#182011 - I'll do mine!?! He sat down on his chair and while staring at the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted, slowly fisted his big cock while the cute little slut wantonly fingered her hot clit!!! Even though he wasn't exactly her cup of tea, she was so turned on by his cunt lapping, that orgasm was inevitable, and watching him jerking his big cock just added to her excitement!!! Their digits were no flying over their respective organs, hers over her little nub of a clit, and his, of course, over his thick seven inch fuck pole!!! It was like a race destined to end in a dead heat, with both of them crossing the finish line together in a mixture of spurting cum and a wildly contracting pussy!!! Of course, as soon as his cum hit the floor, the magnitude of what had just transpired over took him and he hurriedly put his dick away and begged her to get up and leave!!! Becky stuck her panties into her back pack and she and Dana left the room without so much as a good by!!! As they w

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Love a chick in heels
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