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#145297 - You're a string bean compared to me, just look at my boobs, they're literally bigger than your head! Patti giggled her infectious laugh and replied, Well, let's just say we're both a little on the hefty side! Bay nodded her head and led the two of them inside where at least twenty other pregnant women were already sitting down on their mats doing stretching exercises. I'm sorry, Patti said quickly, I didn't mean to hurt you, I'll be more careful! Y-you didn't hurt me, Bay replied softly, I-it just surprised me! Come on, ladies, Ellyn said evenly, some of you aren't doing the job at all, feel those vaginas like your doctor would! All around the room soft sighs had turned into very audible groans as the pussies of the women began to roil with sexual tension! That's very good, Ellyn Crawford said gently, now doctors press your fingers in as far as they will go while the patients should begin to push as if they were

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