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#299375 - She told me that her new lover was the finance director at her company a man that I had met on several occasions his name was Jerry, he was a big handsome man about Amanda’s own age and as he was in a relationship had made it clear to Amanda that any contact out of work could only be for sex as he enjoyed his life as it was but needed a new pussy to fuck and Amanda fitted his bill, Amanda then told me that she had said to him that she was happy with that but was going to play the field as well as spend time with him to which he replied that it sounded a perfect arrangement a perfect arrangement for everyone except me I thought, Amanda seemed to read my mind and said that obviously I was free to play the field but cruelly added that she would not recommend it as she didn’t want me to disappoint a new lover with my tiny cock, with that she took my hand and led me to the bedroom where she stripped off, removed my clothes and began to suck my cock “It’s a nice size to practice on” she said

Read Smoking Les Inma no Inmon Kairaku Choukyou 2 - Original Hugetits Les Inma no Inmon Kairaku Choukyou 2

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Fuckin hot
Mononobe no futo
Been looking for the full hentai for years now
Tiffania westwood
What a nice hugh ass and nice tits