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#173361 - Anna rose then mounting my face to ride the courses, when she slipped lower inserting the almost flaming shaft of my lust filled cock into her sexual channel, fucking me slowly after eight or ten long plunges and pulls she positioned the rampant cock monster in the pit of her dark passage and eased her weight onto me forcing the cock-nut into that tightest passage. She stretched, politely covering her mouth, momentarily highlighting enchanting breasts, obviously contained by a soft cupped brassiere; her prominent erect nipples were pressed against her normally loose pink linen blouse like twin towers rising above a pink fog. Momentarily I nuzzled her pubes enjoying the rasp of her hoses’ mesh against my cheek; I touched my tongue to her pantyhose’s seam over the openness of her secret portal for a second to taste sweetness of her liquors, drawing a moan of protest from her when I started down her other leg.

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